The Day Shapes You

My language arts teacher always says to write in the morning.  The morning is when you don’t have to be influenced by what the day brings.  At night you are too caught up in the day’s feelings to even have clear thoughts, let alone write.  The morning is win you have sup rising things that you don’t know existed come into your head.  It is when your subconscious is the most vocal.  It is like your dreams, unpredictable.

But isn’t what you are shaped by your day?  The circumstances that you are placed in define you.  A day brings so many situations that bring out the worst and best in you.  You are malleable, constantly adapting to your environment.  And so is your mind.  Your subconscious responds to what the day brings.  Your mind might be whirling from the day, but is shaping you.  It isn’t any less imaginative, or creative than what you think of in the morning.  It is just easier to relate to life.

I always wonder who I would’ve been if I had been born somewhere else.  I wonder if the place where I live changes everything about me, even my blood pressure.  I wonder if everything would be slightly shifted to the left, or to the right.  Would I be able to have the same moral values if I grew up in Honolulu?  This is why your day shapes you.  So in the evening you are no less true to yourself then you were in the morning.


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