I have this thing for chocolate.  I am sure that you can understand.  It is an intense craving, and it is does not, come once a month as urban legend has you believe, it ones almost every day, at about give or take, any time of the day.  In other words, I am always craving chocolate.  I walk past the bakery, and see the croissants and want it.  I walk past the grocery store and can imagine the bliss that the recess peanut butter cups would bring me, but the worst is when I reach for the peanut butter, and my hand slide helplessly above the chocolate.

It is excruciating.  And i do it all the time.  I was getting vitamins, and I could see the chocolates. I love them so much.  Just like i love the way bread feels in your throat.  It feels warm and filling.  I love bread.  I love freshly baked breads.  I love making breads, especially chalah.  Chalah is a jewish bread that we make.  It is fluffy and warm and sweet. I love it.  But mostly I love chocolate.

I can feel the taste of it on my tongue. It tastes like its deep brown color, leaving you in absolute bliss, with only a little bit of a hint of craving.  I never let myself give into the chocolate, because if I take one bite, then I take another and another and another.  If you gave me a pound of chocolate to eat all at once I would eat it.

But right now I need to get a few small pieces of happiness out of the fridge.  But I won’t, because a small piece will turn int plural, and then the size will increase and increase until there is none left, so I will pass my hand over the tempting brown goodness, and head straight for the vitamins.


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