I can do it

I can always push harder.  I can always do one more lift or one more step.  I can raise my arms higher and pull myself all the way up.  And you help me do it.  You stand next to me and tell me I can do better.  You make me believe in myself.  You make me smile, because you know that I can go farther and farther.  And because of that I go farther and farther.

I was doing leg lifts and I couldn’t bring myself to do one more.  Then I saw you beside me, telling me that I could do one more, so I did.  I always do more when you are around.  You have so much confidence and belief.  I don’t know if everyone feels the way that I do.  I think that I am special.  You always stand next to me and help me.  You critic my form and tell me that I can do more reps or more weight.  So thank you, because you have made me be able to push harder and harder.

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