I just read the best blog ever.  At least now, because it was funny and engaging, and distracted me from my boring day.  And then I realized that is why I can’t seem to get anybody to read my blog, because it is boring.  The only people who read my blog are three of my friends who only read it, to be able to say they do.

How am I supposed to be interesting if all I do is stay inside and watch Psych on my computer all day and ice my ankle.  I never knew that vacation could be this boring.  Plus I feel really lazy.  How do I get an interesting life if I can’t walk to the toilet? And really watching famous people on tv and reading famous people’s blogs is not helping with my feeling of insignificance.

I’m too young to have disaster boyfriends and talk about finals.  I am stuck in my last year of middle school where everyone around me is making inappropriate jokes that no body gets, because none of them are even allowed to watch R rated movies or listen to explicit songs.  My friends pretend to be sexy and cool when really they are nerds going through puberty.  So maybe I will have to wait a little until we can actually have a life people will laugh at and to be able to not have to crawl to the bathroom.

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  1. Laugh Out Loud! That is hilarious and I enjoy reading your blogs, and by the way, I’m sexy and I know it, remember spencer spit?


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