Dicks, Creepers and Harassers

I hate to break it to you, but there isn’t a perfect guy out there.  The fairy tales are full of a bunch of bull.  Prince Charming isn’t going to ride along on his white horse and take you out to the finest Italian cuisine in town.


I’m sorry, but the way Disney portrays love does not work in the modern day scene.  Guys are a bunch of liars.  They are dicks.  No one is perfect, they all have faults that make you want to blow them up with all the dynamite in the world.  At least I do.


The only guy who seemed perfect is a stupid idiot who has gotten drunk and who can’t spell.  He doesn’t know grammar and writes sexual comments to my friends.   I thought he was perfect, really he was fake, he was a big fat liar that runs after girls for the fun of it.   And then when he Facebook messages me that he still likes me after I call him a dick and sexual harasser, something in me softens a little. How could I fall for a guy like that?  Is that the best the world can produce?


Guys all have faults, movies try and put a good spin on this by finding the one, but that person is just going to turn around and betray you.  They are going to cheat on you, or they are going to make huge mistakes you can’t forgive.  I’m sorry that there are no perfect people, no guys that are going to sweep you away to go eat ravioli with.  The world is full of dicks, creepers, sexual harassers, and cheaters, not white horses and handsome men with no flaws

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