The way you were acting was not acceptable, so I had to talk to you.  I sat you down and told you that if you ever quoted that song again it was going to be bad.  I told you why it wasn’t appropriate.  I told you that o were a dirty hypocrite and that even if you were making fun of someone else for making fun of someone else, it still wasn’t okay to say things like that.  You haven’t sung that song since.


I find that you are causing more and more issues.  I am having to talk to you more now, reminding you what isn’t okay and what is okay.  Didn’t you already learn that it isn’t alright to make a hurtful joke about somebody?  Didn’t you already learn that you can’t say something racist?  Didn’t you already learn that you shouldn’t text at the dinner table, or pick up the hone while we are having a conversation.  Didn’t you ever learn your manners?  Why did you ask for bread with the chowder, when it was obvious that mom hadn’t put it out.


These things aren’t acceptable.  You can’t keep running around embarrassing yourself. You embarrass me too.   The funny things is that you should be teaching these things to me, rather than the other way around.  I shouldn’t be teaching you your manners at age 48.

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