Stereotype Of A Middle School Girl

I laugh at my friends who say they like one person one second, and the next second they suddenly like someone else.  I laugh at them, feeling bad for their hormones.  I say that I am way over that, I’m done with that whole middle school drama.  Then why do I always find myself staring over at him?

How many times do I have to remind myself I don’t like him?  I like someone else.  And then the next period, I’m still staring at the back of his head. They are always the same two guys, but I can’t like two guys at once!  That is the stereotype of a middle school girl!  I can’t be a stereotype, much less one of a middle school girl.

Okay, so lets say that I let myself like the first him for a little bit.  What is even good about him?  People point out that he is tall.  What kind of reason is that?  That is the most shallow thing I have heard all day, and trust me, I’ve heard some pretty shallow things today.  So, he is of cute, and smart, and sort of funny.  He always comes and talks to me, and he is always next to me, when I’m walking in the halls.  These are ridiculous reasons.

The second one has great reasons, I know exactly why I like him.  He is a great conversationalist. He is hilarious.  He is really smart and has similar interests.  He is a very talented athlete.  I have liked him for a while, and he has liked me.  These are great reasons, so why do I like some other guy as well?

Maybe I need someone here to like.  Or, maybe I am a stereotype of a middle school girl.  This is not what I wanted.  Gag, Gag.  Sorry, I think I need to go throw up, be right back.

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  1. Hey, sometimes you gotta lay off yourself. It’s ok to be a middle school girl. I think you should reread this in a day or so and reconsider.


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