I’ve been waiting so long for you.  I know I can’t screw it up now.  It would ruin ten years of hard work.  I feel like I can’t wait any longer.  This feeling has been growing for about a year now.  I know you are starting to feel it to, not as strongly, but it is still there.  It is always there.


I can feel it hanging in the air between us.  So many memories.  So many moments that will always be trapped in the back of our minds.  Along with all those memories is all the feelings.  They hang in between us.  They create a barrier that we can’t cross today.


I am waiting to cross that barrier.  Once, we got close to taking that step forward, we both picked our feet up, aiming where they were going to land, but then we brought them back down again.  You weren’t ready, and neither was I.  I’m ready now, but I’m waiting for you to be ready.  I want to cross together.  I want you to be there with me, in between the layers of the wall.  I want our feelings to insulate us, not keep us apart.  I know that you aren’t ready.  I don’t know when you will be.  It might be in a month, it might be in ten years.


I will know when you are ready, and we will step towards each other, at the same time.  If I step forward now, I will be alone for a little bit, waiting for you, and your wall will grow stronger, and you won’t be able to get all the way through, and you will get stuck.  Our relationship torn apart.  So I’ll wait for you.  I will wait for you as long as you need, because I know someday, we will take a step forward together.

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