You are always complaining about some guy.  How the keep creeping on you, or how they are always asking you out.  You take everything for granted.  I don’t understand it, isn’t it flattering when someone likes you.  I know it is hard to turn someone down, but I prefer that, than never having known someone likes you.  Just because you always look perfect, with your self confidence, doesn’t mean that that is the way everyone is being treated.  Some people have never been asked out.  You complain to them, and I can see the look in their eyes.  I can see the longing for the attention that you hate.  Do you ever think about them?


I don’t mind when people like me.  I have never had a creeper like me though, so I don’t know how that feels.  I like feeling the burning on the back of my neck, knowing that someone is looking at me.  I like glancing across the room, sometimes catching him looking back at me.  I don’t mind the way he always seem to have some excuse to need to go to my zero period teacher.  I don’t mind when he throw little pieces of paper at me.  I don’t mind the way he incessantly texts me, or ask me to hang out.


I know that they are putting themselves on the line.  I was never that brave for someone.  When I would stare at someone, I would stare at their shoes, or stare at them through my peripheral vision.   I never stood next to someone I liked during one of those hand-holding games at Orkila, like he did.  I never walked someone home after school, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three weeks, like he did.  I appreciate all of those things, and you should too.


I know that you don’t mind it either.  You like the way he texted you ten times, after you stopped texting without telling him.  I know that you like to catch people looking at you too.  I know that you don’t mind when someone always finds an excuse to sit next to you.  I know that you are just trying to act cool, living up to the standards you create for yourself.  Did you know that you actually aren’t any cooler than the rest of us, just because you “hate” it when a guy likes you.  I want you to know that you should consider those girls who have never felt the way you do.  You need to be aware.

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  1. Ali, this did the “WHO IS THIS’ thing to me, but it felt rightish. I liked how it wasn’t mean, it just was reflective. Your depth is amazing.


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